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Commercial Real Estate Mortgages

Commercial Real Estate Mortgages offer standard debt financing with a monthly payment that has ranging from 2 years to 30 years.

Mortgages below $5,000,000 tend to be utilized by small businesses with assistance of the SBA. Loans above $5,000,000 are traditionally placed with regional bank, CMBS, REITs, and Insurance companies.

Each lender is different in terms of how they underwrite a file and what risks they look and the value placed on what mitigates the risks. Risks of a subject property can range from location, leverage, guarantor experience, cash-flow, liquidity, etc. Thus having a skilled expert with over 10 years experience and assists clients such as yourself daily is often the difference between a decline and an approval.

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Term Loan Details

  • Collateral needed
  • Interest Rates: 3.5%-6.5%
  • Terms: 2 years – 30 years
  • Loan Amounts: $1,000,000 – $250,000,000
  • Time to fund: 45-60 days
  • Repayments: Monthly
  • Collateral Required: Yes
  • Time in Business: Start-up – 2 years
  • Previous Loans Outstanding: N/A
  • Tax Liens Acceptable: No
  • Industries Funded: All
  • Restrictions on Uses: Yes
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    Advantages of CRE Mortgage

  • Tax Deductions
  • Income Shelter
  • Asset/Net Worth improvement
  • Payments are usually Fixed
  • Monthly payments
  • Improves access to other forms of financing
  • Can Refinance business debt
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    Eligible Property Types

  • Medical Offices: Loans up to 100% LTV
  • Industrial Property: Loans up to 95% LTV
  • Co-op Apartment Buildings: Loans up to 80% LTV
  • Condo Apartment Buildings: Loans up to 80% LTV
  • Mixed Use Buildings: Loans up to 80% LTV
  • Office Buildings: Loans up to 80% LTV
  • Retail Buildings: Loans up to 80% LTV
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    Lenders That Provide Commercial Mortgage Loans

  • Commercial Banks
  • CMBS
  • REITs
  • Insurance Companies
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Companies
  • Family Offices
  • Bridge Lenders
  • EB5 Funds
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    Documents needed for loan applications

  • Past 3 Years Federal Business Tax returns for all companies with >25% ownership
  • Past 3 Years Federal Personal Tax returns all schedules
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • YTD P&L and Balance Sheet (year-to-date)
  • YTD Accounts receivable & Account payable aging schedule
  • Schedule of outstanding debt
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